It has been a rather dreary weekend here in NYC – and cold. I’ve been out and about to the movies a few times and tried to wander around a bit, but the cold, crisp air had other ideas. I managed to get all the errands and chores done, but was bundled up through most of it. I wore a bunch of plain and boring over the weekend – the pics are all uploaded, and I’ll try and catch you up later on. Wanted prints for today to cheer me up. prints

It is not as bitterly cold today as it has been, but it is raining and dreary out – so blah. I wanted a little warmth under my jeans today and decided on something in a print to help fight the blahs from the weather, so pulled out these long johns. I have had them for a while, they’re from e-Bay and were relatively inexpensive, but they are wicked comfortable! Worth whatever I paid for them!

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