Hi guys! As you may have seen from AJ’s post last week, we are in the midst of reviews for KingStyle, and today I have the Series B Low Waist Camo Thong to review for you all, and I’m super excited to share some great pics and my review with all of you.

First up, some background on KingStyle. They were formed as a brand in 1999 on the belief that men’s underwear deserves just as much innovation, style, and attention to detail as women’s. They want to give the comfort and look that make you feel like your sexiest and most sophisticated self every day. (that is something that we preach at Undies101 all the time, so we are super excited to be working with KingStyle). As a brand there are five series in their range; Series A to Series E – and each has a unique and refined pouch design to maximise your comfort by positioning your boy either up, down, inward, or outward – all depending on your preference.

Their designs ensure that the underwear provides ventilation, comfort, hygiene and, above all, elegance for men. With these soft, fine, breathable undies, you’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Series A and C both position you upward, they not only to reduce friction on your skin, but put you nicely in separate pouches providing freshness and roomy space. If you spend a lot of time sitting down or in the office, Series A and C are perfect for you. King Style Series B and D, are for those who favour a downward position. They give you the choice of separate pouches and provide space for movement. The fly opens on both sides to reduce moisture and provide the perfect ventilation. If you are an active, sporty guy, or simply prefer to dress yourself down, King Style Series B and D are for you.

So, as previously mentioned, I was sent the Series B Low Waist Thong in Camo to review. As someone who more often than not dresses down, this was a great option for me. Unlike some others in the Series B range, this thong does not have a fly. I am usually a Medium, but on advice of the guys at KingStyle, I am wearing a Large – so I recommend checking their size guide before purchasing. These are made of 45% Rayon, 45% Cotton and 10% Spandex and they are extremely comfortable. This is a busy day for me and I have been up and down and walking all around, and these have been amazing and like any good thong, I have forgotten I had it on.

This is one of the most comfortable thongs I have worn in a while and I am really glad that I got the opportunity to review a thong for them. It is super soft, super comfortable, easy to wear, and as previously mentioned, I forgot I was wearing a thong most of the time. Love the camo design and they were easy to put on and get up and down throughout the course of the day without issue. If you’re looking for a pair to try from KingStyle and you like a good thong, I highly suggest these. I just kind of fell into place without issue.

For those that haven’t read a review from us before, or for those that it’s been a while since reading our last review, are ratings scale is below to review. We approach each pair of underwear for review like a relationship, after all, you have to have a good relationship with your underwear in order to feel, look and act sexy!

Flirting Material:  It fits okay, great to wear out for a short amount of time.

Hook Up Material:  The fit is much better, sits well and wears well but might not be comfortable for all day wear.

Dating Material:  The fit is great, sits well, accentuates the positives and wears really well – suitable for all day wear.

Match Made in Heaven:  You love the fit, you love the style, best undies you’ve worn in  years and will be a part of your regular wear.KingStyle

Given our scale, I give this Series B Low Waist Thong in Camo a Match Made in Heaven for the fit, the feel and the overall comfort of the undies! Huge thanks to the folks at KingStyle for providing this thong for review. Go check them out and see what you might like to try for yourself! Look for another review next week and for the next few weeks, right here on Undies101!

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