Hey guy’s. Welcome to my review of the “Air” line of underwear from Stanfield’s. Stanfield’s is a well established brand that has been making top quality underwear since 1870. To Canadians, like myself, we know and love the brand. For the rest of you around the world, this is a brand you should know, and add to your underwear drawer. Stanfield’s has been creating new innovations in their underwear line, and “Air” is the newest. Air, is noted as being the lightest pair of underwear you will wear…let me tell you my experience.

I got the boxer brief in blue, and the long boxer brief in red. They are also available in a brief as well. When I pulled these bad boys out of the box, the name “Air” was apparent. This underwear is as light as a feather, and silky to the touch.

The nylon and spandex blend fabric is ultra light, and stretchy. When I put them on, they felt almost like a second skin.

As I went through my day, I literally had no chafing, and surprisingly no riding up which is a huge issue with boxer briefs sometimes. The other great part about the Air material, is that the leg seams did not cut into my leg, and still managed to stay in place all day long….A+ Stanfield’s. One other thing I noticed was that my junk stayed cool and dry all day. I run around on my feet all day at work, and it was great not to have a sweaty package at the end of the day.

The long style boxer briefs gave me the same experience. I loved the bright red that Stanfield’s uses on their underwear, totally sharp look. Now since the material is so light on the Air line, you get the added bonus of almost eliminating visible underwear lines. I wear dress pants, shirt and tie for work. My dress pants are slimmer cut, so having bulky underwear doesn’t work…these baby’s were perfect…pretty much forgot that I had them on haha.

Now one other piece of underwear I got from Stanfield’s was their Invisible V-neck undershirt.

This could be my favorite undershirt I’ve ever used. Its rediculously smooth, comfortable, and yes…invisible under yoyr clothes. I sweat a decent amount throughout my day, so adding layers isn’t the best idea alot of the time. This undershirt not only kept me dry, it kept me cool. Im probably gonna order 3 more because the are so great…and with different color options, you really won’t see it under any of your shirts that you wear. This is a must-have in my opinion.

Overall, Stanfield’s has done an amazing job creating a great pair of underwear that stands up to it’s name. The quality is impeccable, but from an established brand like Stanfield’s, quality is always just part of the package. Check out their wide range of products. They have classic styles, new innovations, pouch underwear, and great long underwear for the cold winter. Classics never go out of style, and after 160 years in the business, you should get Stanfield’s. Cheers guys!


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