For me, there is nothing worse than being crushed into a pair of undies. I’m not even hung guy, I’m just average. But the underwear world grew leaps and bounds when it started adding pouches to men’s undies. Seems simple, you hang free, like you naturally would if you weren’t wearing anything at all. There is no crushing. There is less shrinkage. It looks great under a pair of trousers/jeans.

Pouches can make or break a pair of undies, in my estimation. Not enough of a pouch and I feel crushed like I used to in tighty whiteys. Too much of a pouch and all the extra material makes me feel awkward. That little extra material makes me feel smaller than I am. The one thing I don’t enjoy about the pouch on these is the seam down the middle. I understand the concept, but it can make for a bit on an awkward feel sometimes.

I was in this bright green pair of Obviously briefs on Monday – and they one of the first brands that I added to my collection with pouches. They are bigger pouches than I like, but they’re not huge and there’s not an abundance of extra material, so not bad in my book.

Today it was a pair of striped Andrew Christian briefs from the Black collection with an Almost Naked pouch. The Almost Naked pouch from Andrew Christian is perfect for me. Not too big, not too small…just the right size. LOVE them! I loved these ones so much, I apparently ordered two pair, unknowingly. One of them will have to be worn and sent on to a friend. Always love to pass on a good pair of undies and share amongst friends! pouches

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