No that’s not my in the ad lol. Anyway…hry guy’s, I’m back with a new review of a fun, and great brand, Marcuse. Marcuse’s mission is a simple one, to create underwear that is fun, stylish, and comfortable. When you check out their website, you will see that they’ve succeeded in that.

Marcuse has a wide range of styles, prints, and cuts to really make you stand out, and fall in love with underwear all over again. I got myself 3 new pairs to try out…take a look.

Classic tighty whities are always a great option. These are the United Brief.

I fell in love with the button on the fly. I dunno why, but i love a buttons on underwear.

The waistband on these is great too, they have the brand name raised in a rubbery material which makes it pop…and a waistband that pops always looks great. But the cool thing Marcuse added to these is on the butt.

There is a small tab on the back so that you can hang your underwear up. I love cool little details like this, good job Marcuse.

The next pair I got are these Ibiza briefs.

These briefs are so cool. I love the tropical print…and they are available in different colors and variations of the print. The other thing I like about these is the rise…they sit a bit higher. As a guy who is stockier, a really low rise looks funny I think…so these fit the bill.

The next pair I got are my favorite. These are the bounce boxer.

These boxers have a retro style that I love. Anything with that cool trim around the legs, I’m sold. These boxers are made with a super fine material that is so soft and smooth, your package is gonna love the feel. They also have an amazing pouch that adds so much support, enhances your bulge, and is rediculously comfortable.

After wearing all 3 pairs, I have to say that Marcuse has nailed comfort in their underwear. All 3 were soft, supportive and stylish. The bounce boxer was definitely a stand out to me due to the unique styling and feel of the pouch, it rocked. The quality is definitely there too. Ive washed them several times and they are going strong.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I highly recommend not putting ANY of you underwear in the dryer…the dryer kills alot of fibres in the material, especially spandex, and nylon. Throw them over the top of a door to dry and your undies will last 10x longer.

If you guy’s haven’t heard of, or tried Marcuse underwear yet…now is your chance. They are having a Black Friday sale, and prices are GREAT!. They offer worldwide shipping and pricing, so it’s super easy to place an order. Check them out guys! I love them.

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