Holiday weekends can mean more time off…they can also mean more downtime and just an opportunity to refresh and renew yourself. I took complete advantage of that this weekend and tried to disconnect. So, apologies for my lack of posts until now.

Had a quiet day at home on Thursday…did some laundry and made a nice dinner for me and the other half…watched some TV and just generally relaxed. Was in this colourful pair of Andrew Christian briefs for the day.

Friday was some shopping and the movies…it was a bit cool out, and I honestly thought these were trunks, but they’re longer boxerbriefs from Tommy John. Comfortable, but a bit too much fabric for me. They’ve managed to make their way to the other half’s drawer after I did laundry. holiday weekends

Saturday wasn’t much of anything at all, and I can’t even remember what I did, honestly. Oh, I ran a few errands and then made homemade chicken noodle soup from the Thanksgiving leftovers. Had these blue crushed Velvet N2NBodywear bikinis on all day and they’re super comfortable.

Sunday, as the long weekend wrapped up I was in this pair of purple AussieBum ribbed briefs. They have a bit of a pouch to them and the ribbing is so comfortable. They’ve since been passed on to a friend who will no doubt, enjoy them as much as I have. They’re sealed in a plastic bag, pulled right off me and secured for him.

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