In general I have always avoided underwear with giant logos on the waistbands. Seeing chunky, garish, labels above the waistband of a pair of jeans always makes me think of those overly processed and distributed Tommy Hilfiger boxer briefs that everyone wore in the mid nineties. So, when I see a label on a pair of underwear when shopping, even if it is a brand I am curious about, I tend to shy away. These Unico cut away briefs are an exception. Upon garnering these babies, I didn’t take them off for two days. I LOVED the way they felt that much. In fact, I went back to the store I found them in to buy 4 more pairs. (Why do I need 5 pairs of the same brief? Who the fuck knows? I’ll have to send a pair of them to some lucky admirer.) These UNICO‘s are 53% nylon, 38% polyester, and 9% spandex; yes all man made fabric so if you are used to all natural cotton cupping your jewels these may not be the briefs for you. The 1 1/2 inch waistband does have the giant brand name label on it in a shiny black design on seemingly reflective silver elastic. They sit low and snugly on the hips. A “small size” is definitely a small so choose your sizing carefully. The seat is full before the cut out on the sides. Now, this is what I love the most about these briefs: The pouch! When your dick slides into the pouch it stretches the material in such a way that little arrows are created in the design of the fabric pointing straight down. As a hyper visual person I LOVE this. Not only does it stimulate the eyes but it tells the onlooker where to focus. It’s a very confident brief that says, “Yea, this is my body and here is my dick, right here.” I covet that kind of confidence in an underwear fanatic like myself. If I saw these on anyone else in the locker room or beach for that matter I would totally be smitten and have to go say hi. So, pick up a pair of these if you’re looking to get noticed and want to feel great in your briefs. I found mine at Daffy’s here in NYC so start shopping now before they are gone. Enjoy! -DJBakelite

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