It’s #therapeuticThursdays here on Undies101…and that just usually means I spill my guts in a bit of therapy blogging. I know, you’re asking yourself what makes that different from any of my other posts. Well, I’ll tell you. On Thursdays that I do partake of #therapeuticThursdays I tend to share pieces of myself that go beyond just the trivial or the bulge in the undies. therapy blogging

So…for today, I’m going to share what an emotional basket case I am these days. I don’t quite know what it is. I’m teary eyed for no good reason sometimes…I mean crying at the movie Coco (those last moments…wow!) is one thing…but getting misty over hallmark commercials. Who am I? Not really sure what’s going on with my hormones these days, and if they’re out of whack, that could explain so many other things…might need to have the doctor check those levels next visit.

Anyway…today I’m in this brown with print Obviously thong. Super comfortable, forget that I am even wearing it and quite a generous pouch up front…so very easy to wear! I am however, not a fan of the pouch up front…not the pouch per se, but the cut of the front part of the thong…I feel like it’s not a good thong cut for me, so I’ll be passing these along to a friend.

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