Hey gentlemen, I’m back with a new review for DT Underwear.


DT has an amazing selection of basics, and fashion underwear. The best part though, is that their prices rock. I have about a 33/34 inch waist, so I got a size M, a size Large would probably have fit me better…just fyi. I got myself 5 styles of their underwear to try out…I hope you enjoy.

First up, I have the Low-Rise Brief


So these briefs are pretty awesome. The rise is definitely low on these, which is something I don’t normally go for, but I loved them. To me, the styling is great. They have a classic look which I love, and make my butt feel really supported which I like alot. The other thing that DT nailed, is the pouch. Several of their styles have an enhancement pouch to make your junk pop, and keeps them comfy.

There is a nice elastic ring to keep ur package in place…and it was comfy too. The other thing that I really likes was the stitching details on the underwear. The stitching adds a really cool look, and the quality is great. Wearing these under my clothes made my bulge more noticable, which I like. These are definitely a must for your underwear drawer.

Next up is the Sports Jock


So im a fan on a Jock. The Sports Jock has the same styling as the Low-Rise briefs, with the enhancement pouch, but has the back cut out to show off your buns.  These bad boys make your butt feel great. Anyone who gets to see you in them will definitely enjoy the show too. The other cool detail that DT adds, is their logo tag on the back of the underwear. This leaves a clean, slim waistband which is a nice change from having a name splattered all over them.

Next up is the classic Jockstrap.


So, what can I say, i love my jock. Like the other underwear, the fabric is nice and soft, keeping you comfy. They use a good quality elastic, that doesnt itch or grip too tight. The pouch is a regular style, with no enhancement ring inside. This could be a downer for some people, but I like it…the focus is on my ass haha. I wore this to the gym one day, and it held up great.

My next style I tried is the Asymmetrical Brief.


If you miss having a fly on your underwear, then these briefs are for you. The Asymmetrical brief has a bit of a higher rise than the others, and have a great fly in the front. Because i like classic underwear, these are fun for me. They have a regular flat front, no enhancement pouch, and are a modern take on a classic brief. I find that they look really sleek. I love them…and I enjoy having a fly.

Finally, we have the Boxer Briefs.

Who doesn’t need a new pair of boxer briefs in their drawer right?. These boxer briefs use the soft cotton blend like all the others. The fabric is soft and smooth, and super comfy all day long. There is no enhancement pouch on these. Instead, they have a contoured pouch, with accent stitching down the front. I love this style of pouch because it gives you the room you need, and no risk of enhancement features making you uncomfortable. I am a bit stockier and found the legs a bit on the snug side. It wasnt uncomfortable, just a bit snug…I think a size up would eliminate that.

Overall, DT is a fun brand. The styles I got were from their Essentials line. DT has a wide range of colors, and prints to choose from as well. So really, whatever your taste is, you will find something you like. Their prices are fantastic, so you can really splurge and get a few pairs without breaking the bank. Check them out guys…I’m getting more haha. Have a good one guy’s.


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