Hey underwear lovers, we have for the next few weeks a review once a week from a brand called kingstyleunderwear. Check out their page kinstyleunderwear.com they have a different way of making underwear. These underwear come in series and you have to check out the webpage to see the full explaination. i have never bought these before till greg told me about them i haven’t heard of them. they have been around for a while and have avery cool theory on holding your junk. kingstyleunderwear.com/aboutus

this time i have been given series A upward or inward. i was sent large and in blue which i have to say was a good idea these are a little snug but in a good way. they are in 3 different colors white, black and blue. as you can see i preferred it to the side more it was more comfortable.

these i liked so much better than the other pair they for one were more comfortable they moved well. the postioning of these was better the only issue was the balls part i felt my balls pop up a few times. the front slit my penis stayed in and when those moments come up that i needed space there was plenty of room for growth. the waist is a perfect fit most foreign companies i tend to size up just for comfort levels and i find that its always worked out. these i would say that i would order and keep this line in mind.these have excellent booty coverage and never once found myself adjusting me wedgie or junk. i found these to be a match made in heaven!!! any questions just ask and look forward to further post!!!

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