Sometimes it is a challenge to pick out my underwear for the day, and other times, it is relatively easy. On a flight day there is more to consider. Comfort above all else. On shorter flights, that is less of a consideration but on a long haul flight…you definitely don’t want uncomfortable underwear. flight

I can’t remember the last time I had a long haul flight on a Wednesday, so it was a debate whether to wear a jock or not. But I knew that I was in a comfortable seat, and chose a nice and stretchy comfortable pair of jeans, so I picked out this new Addicted Jockstrap in bright blue with a pop of yellow/green. Picked these up on one my recent London trips and hadn’t worn them yet, so thought it was appropriate for the flight to London.

On Thursday, I woke up, went to the gym had some breakfast and then finished packing up to head the short journey to the airport again and a shorter flight to Zurich, so I opted for this thong from Skinzwear. As it was a short flight, I didn’t think it would be a bad decision. They are super comfy and were so easy to wear, so it was a great decision.

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