Hey guy’s, don’t be confused, this piece of hardware is for an underwear review haha. This is the Stealth For Men Corkscrew, an add-on piece to your Stealth For Men Innerwear, which I reviewed previously on here.

So quick recap, the Stealth For Men Innerwear piece is worn over your penis to help eliminate “turtling” with your penis. Over time, wearing it will train your penis to hang longer when flaccid. It’s super comfortable to wear, and adds a nice bulge effect as well. So now for the Corkscrew. The Corkscrew is a very cool add-on to your Innerwear purchase. The Corkscrew is worn over the Stealth Innerwear, it does several things. First, it allows you to stretch your penis out fully, which over time, can help enlarge your flaccid size of your penis. Second, the weight of the Corkscrew helps with the stretching process to enlarge your flaccid size. Finally, the Corkscrew adds a major girth factor, and gives you a bulge that would make anyone envious.

Wearing the Corkscrew is so easy. There are easy to follow instructions and videos Stealth For Men website.


First you put on your Stealth Innerwear, and you put on the nylon skin sleeve with the end of it hanging off your penis.

Then you put the Corkscrew over top, using the end of the nylon skin to thread it through.

Then once you have the Corkscrew on, you simply pull the nylon sleeve off. Then you take the first 2 coils that are behind the head of your penis, and twist to tighted it securely.

Once it’s on, you can extend the Corkscrew to lengthen your penis to a comfortable stretch. You then twist the Corkscrew to fasten it on securely. I found that figuring this process out was pretty simple. Like anything new, you have to play with it a couple times to get the hang of it, but with all the instructions available, you won’t have any problems. Once you have it on, you get something that looks like this.

I found the Corkscrew super comfortable to wear. The weight of it surprised me, but I love wearing it. I don’t wear it at work, as it’s too noticeale under dresspants. But under looser pants its great, unless you really wanna show off, then I say go for it. After several weeks of wearing it I have noticed that my flaccid hang is looking better. So Im super motivated to continue wearing the Corkscrew and see more results. When you are done wearing your Corkscrew, you simply twist it to loosen the coils, and remove. You then want to use the retainer piece to restore it to its original shape.

Finally, like the Stealth For Men Inmerwear, the Corkscrew is available in 99 sizes. So you want to follow the simple instructions on the website on how to measure and find your proper size. If you are unsure, or have any questions, Stealth’s sizing experts will help you…they are great and have answered all mine. So if you want to try something different, and maybe gain a bit of extra size out of the deal, you should check out Stealth For Men, I’m loving mine. I’ll keep you posted on my progress in the future. Later Guy’s!




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