Happy New Year! I don’t know about you, but I was definitely ready for 2017 to be done and I am quite happy that it is now 2018! I’ve made some resolutions, as you do at the turn of the year, and one of them is to not be so hard on myself if I don’t get to the blog everyday.

Apologies for the length of my absence, I was traveling for work, hit some snags and then it was the holidays, and to be honest, the entire time I was home, I didn’t even turn the laptop on, despite packing and lugging it all the way up on the train. Happy New Year

My resolution to give myself some slack if I miss days, is holding, as I am not going to update with everything I’ve missed posting, sorry – it’s all on my flickr though (and tumblr too, I think). I have also resolved to get back into the habit of posting in the mornings as I get ready for the office. That should be easier to follow through on as I’ve also resolved to get up a bit earlier and hit the gym a bit harder, so I should be leaving for the office earlier than I had been, hence not feeling as rushed to get through a blog post to not be any later than I already was.

I hope that you’ll forgive my absence and I look forward to seeing more of all of you and the rest of our bloggers in 2018! I did want something a bit festive today, for the start of the new year and all, and when I opened the drawer and saw the glittery waistband on these, they were perfect. The blow line from Andrew Christian is comfortable and has that Almost Naked pouch that I love so much.

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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