So, I was really going to post yesterday, but then flight delays got the better of me and I didn’t get a chance as I literally fell asleep with the laptop in bed with me…thankfully I didn’t crush it. I was all ready to go for my flight to Chicago yesterday, and packed up the laptop before I realized I hadn’t posted yet. Knowing I’d be an hour behind NYC and with some extra time on my hands I figured, I would just do it at the hotel later on. flight delays

Delays at LGA because of aircraft, then delays because of weather, meant we took off 3+ hours later than scheduled, and then landed late into Chicago. The traffic was horrible and by the time I left the hotel to grab dinner (15 minutes after arriving) it was 8 PM. I came home after that, unpacked, called home and fell asleep on the bed. Sorry guys.

I was in these white Andrew Christian briefs yesterday. They’ve got the Show-It technology in them and are a bit see through in the pouch because of that. These were completely soft and comfortable to wear, thanks in part, to having been pre-owned by the super sexy Citylad78. Have a few pairs from him and he’ll be making an appearance on here soon, we hope!

Today, in chilly Chicago, I’m in these red mesh and fabric Cocksox bikinis. They are super comfortable and so easy to wear. Nice pouch on them, and create a nice bulge in the jeans. Thankfully it is a bit less frigid in Chicago than I was anticipating (but am prepared for in case) and I don’t have to pull long johns on.

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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