Hello boys…happy new year! Today I’ve got a review from a great brand, Male Basics, and their affiliate, Joe Snyder.

I’ve loved the look of the Male Basics line for quite a while.


They have classic men’s styling, which I’m a huge fan of, but with an updated modern style. I got myself the Male Basics cotton fitted contrast hip brief.


As you can see, these are a beautifully designed, classic brief. The silver waistband is an awesome addition on them…and the waistband is super soft too just FYI. Now I have a 34 inch waist, so I got the size Medium. I do find that they run a bit small, anf if you’re a guy that throws everything in the dryer, then you should get a size up. But I always say that if you want your underwear to last, never use the dryer. So comfort wise, these briefs rock. My favorite part is the butt. I find that some brands ride up in the butt, or don’t offer full coverage. The briefs offer some of the best butt coverage, and the elastic hugs your cheeks nicely…I love it. I love the rise on these too. Sometimes “hip briefs” ride really low, and don’t keep you packaged the best lol…but these are perfect to me. I think if you are looking for a great, all around style of underwear, Male basics knocks it out of the park. You get lots of options, great prices, and a modern, classic look. Check Male Basics out!

Next up we have a pair of briefs from Joe Snyder. If you’re not familiar with Joe Snyder, it’s time to be. Joe Snyder makes, sexy mens underwear, with a variety of styles, and enhancing features.


So these briefs are the Joe Snyder NXL bikini brief, in yellow. I got a size Large, and they fit perfectly for a 34 inch waist.


So…I’ll be the first to admit, that I’m not the biggest fan of skimpy, sexy underwear…but I may have been converted. I love the fact that these bikini briefs aren’t a string style…and I feel like they are very masculine. The material is very stretchy, and they have an awesome sheen to them. I really loved that i didn’t get any wedge action in the back happening throughout the day. Now the thing that makes these bikini briefs awesome, is the pouch. These underwear have an enhancing, built in pouch.

They have this elastic, cock ring, built in. You put your package through it, and you get one hell of a bulge effect. I loved the way it felt. I think any man will. If feels great having some attention given to your junk. Now besides the bulge…you have a snap feature on the pouch, that lets you get some easy access.

So the snaps easily come on and off, and when you have a bulge lookin that good in your undies, it can be handy to get your stuff out quickly haha. So this is totally a pair of sexy underwear that I can get behind. As a chunkier guy, I feel like the styling is great, and doesn’t look akward, or make me feel selfconicious. Definetly check out their large assortment of underwear…they sre pretty sweet guys.


Well for now guys, I gotta run…chat with you all soon!

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