It’s Monday…that means for most of us it is back to the grind. The hustle. The day job. Back to doing what it is we do so that we get to eventually have a little bit of fun. For those of us that enjoy or love our jobs, the grind doesn’t necessarily feel as horrible as it does to others, but Monday’s are never easy – no matter how you feel about your grind. grind

I woke up, got to the gym for some cardio and weights and after about 45 minutes or torture (not really, but the gym will never be something I enjoy) I was back upstairs for coffee and a shower and getting ready. I have a TON of new stuff that I need to start wearing, but I wanted to go through some of the older briefs as well and try and keep sorting through what might be in the outbox – or going into the outbox. Pulled these purple Andrew Christian briefs out for today…they’re definitely sticking around in the collection, they’re soft and comfortable and super easy to wear. Really love them and they’re a great way to start the grind of another week.

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