the weather might be warmer than it has been in NYC, but the pissing down rain isn’t helping moods. I went to the gym this morning and the sky was clear, I got in the shower and exited to a monsoon beating against the bedroom window. Decided the only way to combat the grey was a sexy pair of bikinis from N2N Bodywear. N2N Bodywear

These were a very recent purchase and part of their feature Friday selections a few weeks ago. I got them in the dark navy and another colour that you’ll see at some other time. Like their sales, feature Fridays are a great way for you to try N2N if you haven’t already done so. Great prices on some amazing undies, and since it is on sale, no harm no foul if you don’t like. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t though. Great material, amazing cut and sizing and has been one of my go to brands for a long time now!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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