Good day gentlemen. I’ve got a new underwear brand to share with you guys, that is gonna be a new must-have in your underwear drawer. Adult film star, Rocco Steele has created a superb line of underwear, and clothing for men. 10Seven is gonna blow up, so don’t wait to try them out.

The thing I really like about this brand is Rocco’s vision, and mission for his brand. He wants a brand that is for EVERY man, for all shapes and sizes. He wants to make underwear that is classic, masculine, stylish, and sexy. Rocco and his team have done a great job in creating this brand. You have a great selection of styles and colors, with more coming!. Lets take a look at a few of the styles that I got.

First up is the 10Seven Trunk.

So…this trunks were love at first wear. They are made of viscose and spandex, which give a nice soft, silky feeling on your skin…nothin wrong with that at all. The metallic waist band gives thes trunks a stylish upgrade from a regular styled one…the waistband is nice and smooth too, so no itching or marks being left. The thing I noticed about these trunks was the awesome “hugging” feeling they give you. The material hugs your shape, giving you one hell of a comfort factor. They feel like they were made just for you. Big fan of these trunks. A+ 10Seven.

Next up is the 10Seven brief.

Now most of you guys know by now that I love a good fitting pair of briefs. There is nothing worse then a pair of briefs that pinch, bag and sag, and that are cut just awful. Well, these briefs are nothing like that. The 10Seven brief is soooooooo comfortable. That “hugging” feeling I described earlier, is the same in these briefs. Ontop of being hugged in all the right places, you get a great feeling of support for the boys downstairs. The rise on these briefs is perfect too, not too low, which can happen alot now a days, and not too high. One problem i run into with briefs that are made of this type of lightweight fabric, is that they can ride up your butt during the day while you’re moving around….I have NO problems what so ever with these. I got a perfect fit in the butt, the cut of these briefs is spot on.

Now onto the jockstraps. I got 2 different ones. First up is the 10Seven jockstrap

And next is the 10Seven Sport Jock.

Ok, so the simplest thing makes the biggest difference. In the case of the 10Seven jockstraps, the straps and waistband are what makes these jocks outstanding. When I picked them up, I felt how soft the elastic was. So wearing these jockstraps is pure pleasure. They have a thicker style waistband without any weird comfort issues like itching, or rubbing. I liked that the leg straps are slightly wider then conventional fashion jockstraps. This gives more of a push-up feeling on your butt…its pretty awesome. I wore mine to the gym a few times, and they definetly can hold up to strenuous, physical activity. These jocks paired with some of 10Seven’s sport socks are a winning combo.

So to put it simply guys, 10Seven is well on its way to becoming the new heavy hitter in mens underwear. I can see alot of style expansion happening in the near future. Definitely give them a try ASAP, you’ll enjoy these alot. Cheers guys, talk to you soon!

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