I have seen and followed the JW Collection on instagram for a while now and their hard impact undies have always seemed hot. I’ve wanted to try a pair for a while and recently I got an ad pop up on the FB as if it was reading my mind. There was a sale on and they had a nice athletic collection. So I HAD to give them a try. hard impact

I got a pair of 3/4 tights, a full pair of tights and this pair of briefs to try. I have worn the 3/4 length tights so far the last two days to the gym and they’ve been quite comfortable – have forgotten to snap some pics, so will try for them tomorrow. Apologies. Today I’m sporting the wonderful sexy briefs.

I have to say I was quite surprised by these. They have a generous pouch, even if it has a bit of a put yourself into it kind of design. I wish I had gone one size up on these however as they are a bit tight. There was however no sizing on their website and nobody responded to me when I inquired so I took a gamble and ordered the two tights in a Large and the briefs in a Medium. They were the cheapest of the three options, and figured they were the easiest to replace if the size is off.

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