I’m Filthy…I am! =) Today starts another Theme Week for us here at Undies101. This week the theme and focus is Thongs and Jocks or Jocks and Thongs – depending on how you want to look at things. I wanted to kick things off with something bright. I didn’t do much today, in fact I didn’t even shower until later in the afternoon. I got a manicure and then met a friend for dinner. I wanted to kick off our theme week with something fun, with some colour…and with a jockstrap that RWraith55 would be proud of. He is to blame for my jock fetish, or at least in creating the monster of a jock fetish I have now. Hope he likes this one – it’s a red Filthy Jock by CiN2. I was browsing one afternoon and came across this number, and on sale for half off, so I had to buy it. I had wanted something from the Filthy line, but never got round to getting anything, now I have a Filthy Jock!

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