Hey guys! I am gonna keep it short as I am on my way out of town, but I am reviewing a couple of products from Apollowear today.  Thanks to the folks over at apollowear for supplying these great products!

First, you have this lycra snap cock ring.  It is my favorite color green, of course.  For those not familiar or new to cock rings, this is a great way to add enhancement without the full commitment of a more serious cock ring like some of my heavy thick metal ones.  It snaps, allowing ease of release and comfort.  You can change color to match your mood, or of course your undies!  The lycra material is very comfortable, soft, and flexible to move with you.  I love the idea of having a lightweight cock ring that is more “light duty” for a little extra boost when I don’t want to go heavy duty.

This kind of cock ring is great for skimpier undies like g-strings and smaller pouched designs.  Some of my jocks and thongs do not allow room for a big bulky ring, especially once things are “plumped up” a bit.  This does the trick for enhancing profile but staying minimal and more conspicuous.  My only issue with it personally is due to my balls.  They hang pretty high and tight, so they don’t really drop down into through the ring and hang well.  Because of this, the lycra ring tends to fold in half around everything from the pressure of my balls being right there.  Despite this, I still think it is a colorful, fun, and great alternative!

As you can see, I am also sporting these Sexy Sheer Camo Trunks as well.  These are very much my style: funky, sheer, camo, jock hybrid.  All of my favorite things!  I love the originality in the design.  The cutouts on the sides give it a hint of jock style while remaining a brief/trunk.  The sexy sheer still makes it a bit skimpier and reveals pretty much everything.  The thin sheer mesh fabric feels great against the skin and all parts.  They are very lightweight and feel like you are not wearing anything!

Just putting them on made me feel really sexy and frisky 😉  The sheer pouch is perfect for revealing your fun choice of cock ring, perhaps like the green one you see here!  These are definitely for the daring guy ready to show off, ready to play!  I know we all know I can fit that bill.

I would definitely wear these for a night out…or a night in 😉

I am really pleased with both of these products, and apollowear offers really reasonable prices.  With that said, remember our rating system:

Flirting Material: It fits okay, really great to wear out for a short amount of time.

Hookup Material: The fit is much better, sits well and wears well, but might not be comfortable for all day wear.

Dating Material: The fit is great, sits well, accentuates the positives and wears really well – suitable for all day wear.

Match Made in Heaven: You love the fit, you love the style, best undies you’ve worn in years and will be part of your regular wear.
I have to give both of these a solid DATING MATERIAL!!!  Check out the site and pick up some sexy stuff for yourself!

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