More than three drawers of underwear. That’s how much underwear I have in my collection. I have some in a bin under my bed, I have some in a duffle bag in my closet. I have more than a fascination with underwear, it’s an obsession, an addiction. There are worse addictions I could have, I guess. It’s not a fetish, I don’t need it for (although – if anyone knows of any good underwear porn – PLEASE let me know!) sexual stimulation.

I love seeing guys in their underwear. I love trying to figure out what kind of underwear a guy is wearing. The locker room at the gym is awesome for that, and guys have surprised me on a few occasions by not having on what I would have thought. The thong under the business suit on that hot guy, the porn star in ratty tighty whiteys, the really muscle-bound married guy in panties (at least I think they were) – it’s like a giant buffet and I love it!

I recently had a guy over to play with all of my underwear. He went through the bins, the bag and the drawers…tried stuff on…asked me to try stuff on…was soft and hard and then we sat on the bed and talked about underwear, what got us into it and a whole variety of other topics and nothing sexual happened! It was great to see some of my gear on someone else and what they look like on. Has anyone else done this? Am I alone? I hope J thought it was as hot as I did!

Today, at work, I have on a pair of army green DKNY low rise briefs. Very comfortable and soft.

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