Is that even possible? For a long time I have collected (there’s no other better way to describe it) underwear. For years actually. I have ALOT of it. More than three drawers of a dresser are dedicated to underwear, and there’s more than that! I have some from tricks, I have some from friends whom I trade with, and most of it I’ve purchased. I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent on underwear over the years – I’d probably pass out from the shock.

I have every style I know of. My underwear drawer is more colourful than any rainbow I’ve seen. There’s full, there’s skimpy, there’s in between. I have an obsession. I see something I like and I buy it…I definitely don’t need it. For the last 6 weeks, after laundry has been done, I have stashed all of the underwear worn that week away, not to be worn again for a while, leaving only what’s remaing in the dresser to be worn. The result…I haven’t even emptied a full drawer yet! It’s getting insane! I admit it, I’m an underwear addict!

Why am I dedicating a blog to this? I’m not sure yet. There have to be other guys out there that are seriously into underwear like me, or other guys getting into underwear that have questions. Guys that want to ask about fit, style, etc and not be embarassed. Ask away. I’ll even answer some on the blog! I’ve been collecting since high school and I can even tell you how I got into underwear – but that’s another blog post!

Every post will either start or end with what I’ve got on for the day, so here goes!

For Tuesday, I’m wearing a pair of dark blue funderwear bikinis. They’re this hot dutch brand. When you get them, they look way to small to fit even a kid, but they stretch and are so comfortable!!! Highly recommend if you can get your hands on some…they don’t sell or ship to the states yet. (not that I have found anyway, and trust me, I’ve tried!)

  1. imshaych says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog and all your wonderful photos but I was wondering do you ever take any photos of that delicious BULGE while sitting down with your legs spread? cause that would be HOT! just saying.

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