Hey guys, this last poll asked what you do when you receive a style of underwear as a gift that you have never worn before.  Do you immediately try them out? Do you tuck them away and hope you are not asked about them? Or have you never had this happen?

Well…..I don’t really think there are many styles I have not tried, even extreme and unique stuff.  So, I don’t really get something that catches me off guard.  Being such an underwear whore, I guess lots of people know about my fetish and I do end up with gifts and free undies every so often.

A buddy of mine and Jake’s gave us two matching jocks a week or so ago.  He buys cheap undies online all the time and gives us any he doesn’t like or that don’t fit how he wants to.  I actually really like this jock!

Our own Greg will also send some fun stuff our way too when he is cleaning out his drawers 😉

Of course, anytime Jake gets me new undies I try them on immediately too!

No matter how different or wacky, I will always give it a try….and most likely wear them all day!

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