Hey all!

Welcome to your March challenge!  Just like the Irish who pulled themselves up from their bootstraps, this month’s challenge is to pull yourself up!
The pull up is one of the few exercises that you can’t train in alternate ways to get better at the exercise. You have to do pull ups to get better at pull ups. And frankly, pull ups are one of the best back exercises you can do. The lat pull down is the poor man’s pull up.
You’ll want to do as many pull ups as you can. You can use any well anchored bar to do a pull up. If there is a local playground, use the monkey bars 🙂 Be sure not to swing – just like most exercises you want to do a controlled ascent and descent.
Do three sets of as many as you can, three times a week for the remainder of the month.
Pull Up: Training http://youtu.be/oblWkK88_Vw
Pull Up: Technique http://youtu.be/iqEaeXtGu9M,
But pull ups are not an easy exercise. So if you can’t do it at first, don’t fret. Below are several videos of methods that can be used to increase your pull-up-ability! If you’ve never done a pull up before, your goal is to do 1 full pull up by the end of the month.
Assisted Pull Up Machine: http://youtu.be/Pwwlc8xUJDE
Assisted Pull Up with Band: http://youtu.be/WYjoNRCWTxI
Looking forward to hearing your results!
  1. undiesboy says:

    ooooh…pull ups! I do those…why do I have a feeling that, like everything else you’ve given us to do, my ass is going to be kicked in that make me feel better about my body way? =)

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