Hey guys-it has been a while, sorry I have been crazy busy lately!  Today I am here to discuss one of my favorite things in the world-jockstraps!  Our last poll asked what kind of jock you preferred-traditional, fashion, air jock, none, or all of the above.

Well, for me-that is a no brainer.  All of the above!  I love my jockstraps, no matter what the style.  Chances are, you will find me in a jock whether I am at work, out for a night on the town, working out, or just lounging around the house.

I guess it all starts with a good old traditional jock.  I don’t know why, but there is something so hot about a Bike athletic jock.  Masculine. Sexy. Supportive. Practical.  I love wearing these to workout in, but sometimes find it hot to contrast them under jeans or dress clothes to add that bit of rugged appeal.  Pair one with some hot socks and ballcap, and I am weak 😉

Next, we take a twist on the traditional jockstrap and go into a more fashion style.  Fashion jocks have taken off and go in many directions.  My favorite brand, Nasty Pig, tends to stick closely to a cut and style of a traditional jock for their fans-but adding bold colors and designs to enhance the look.

But fashion jocks have gotten as about creative as you can let your mind go, with altered cuts, enhanced pocuhes, varied materials such as mesh, unique straps, and so on.

Finally, the air jock is a specific spinoff from a fashion jock that has probably become the newest, most popular growing trend in underwear.  It takes a spin from a classic bikini/brief with a “cutout” in the back to mimic a jock effect and expose the ass.  For someone who does not particularly like two straps under their cheeks, but wants a more daring exposed look and feel-it’s a nice alternative.  I kind of look at these as the male version of a woman’s thong.  Sexy, still supportive, and available in any style and cut you could imagine.

So forgive me for the full discussion class, but jocks are something I am passionate about!  If you have not given jockstraps a fair shot, I encourage you to pick a style that suits your wants and needs and try it out today!

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