This is where you can get to know us a little better, all of yourUndies101 contributors. We’ll keep it as updated as we possibly can and hope that you’ll keep checking back regularly and getting to know us better.And we just keep on growing…this is a blog about 9 Underwear addicts from all over the world – there are a few of us from the States (New York, Washington D.C, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Jersey, and Arizona) – and some from Australia and the UK. We are always looking to expand our reach and are currently searching for another blogger from the UK or Europe. (If you are in either of those two regions and would like to blog for us, contactUndiesboy) We love chatting with fellow underwear lovers, so keep checking us out and seeing what we have to offer!Here’s a bit about all of us:


Undiesboy currently resides in New York City (NYC) and travels the world for work, for now. He is the creator and Editor of Undies101. His fascination with underwear began when he was a Freshman High School and has continued throughout the years. The hot Senior who had a locker next to him in Phys Ed class wore nothing but tiny little bikinis – in all colours. That boy had a great body, a nice package and liked to walk around in just his little bikinis…maybe it was for Undiesboy to see. It was a definite impression, that’s for sure. His current collection is huge, and he began Undies101 in 2007 to help share his love of underwear and to connect with other underwear lovers. Somewhere along the way he connected with all of the other underwear lovers here at Undies101 and drafted them to contribute to the blog. He loves sharing the undies love in pictures, chat or actual trading. You can find him on twitter or email him or feel free to comment on his posts here on the blog.



RWraith55 has had a love for all underwear for a number of years. Ever since he checked out the website for the first time and ordered something. Since then he has slowly increased his collection but no where near the level that his good friend Undiesboy has. RWraith55 met Undiesboy while they were both writing for another underwear blog/website. Since then, RWraith55 has joined the Undies101 blog and has had a great time posting reviews and what not about his love and collection of underwear. When it comes to styles and brands he likes the most, RWraith55 lives by the simple phrase “Less is More”. With that said he favorite style of underwear will always be a jockstrap. His collection is dominated by this style. He also loves the occasional thong and enjoys sporting briefs here and there. He is NOT a fan in any way of boxers. RWraith55 serves as Undies101’s Outreach Director and is responsible for coordinating all of our reviews. You can find him on twitter or feel free to comment on his posts here on the blog.



AJ has had a love for underwear since his teens and he first started seeing there was more to underwear that just a five pack of fruit of looms lol, But when he was in high school, that was a long time ago 12 yrs to be exact, and started working and had his own money – that was the begining of his friendship with Calvin Klien, who’s been his best bud, lol! At the moment he doesn’t know how many pairs he has but can say he can wear a fresh pair every day for close to 3 months. He buys new ones all the time, if its blue he’s gonna buy it! He’s a simple and easy person who, like the rest of us, has a thing for underwear! He says ” its me and im me and this all about me haha!!!”” Anything you want to know, ask him! you can email him here or feel free to comment on his posts on the blog.


DJ Bakelite has been a ‘fetish’ kind of guy since puberty hit back in the farm country of Topeka KS. His undies obsession began in the locker room in high school when he shared the same locker row as the prized freshman year quarterback. One day J.O. disrobed his Wranglers and Hanes T-shirt before gym class to revel the sexiest polyester, no fly, baby blue triangle print, low rise bikinis. “Damn, if that hot straight mother fucker can pull that off then this budding closet case has no excuse but to follow the flock and wear the same.” It was all down hill from there. Ask him to tell you the story about the football jock straps he used to collect from the locker room after football practice. He LOVES to tell that story. He has rubbermaid container after rubbermaid container filled with undies of all types in his very cramped studio in Washington Heights in NYC. His favorite: the bikinis and thongs. “I have a very ‘Dolly Parton’ attitude about undies. The trashier the better! Bright colors and revealing cuts are the best.” For him the enticing part of being an undies fan is the tease, the potential burlesque quality they endow a wearer with.  It’s the last thing you see before the full beauty of a man is revealed.  Sometimes the unknown wrapped in a nice package is more enticing then the full monty.  That’s perhaps the essence of his obsession. The not knowing and wondering what is underneath and when/if he’ll get to see it. It’s a joy for him to be showing off his wears with his fellow bloggers and all the world to enjoy here at In an odd way it’s liberating. “We won’t all have the bodies we have right now so why not show them off for all the world to see and give a little undies education along the way.” Feel free to drop him a line with any requests or questions at and/or follow him on twitter under the avatar of DJBakelite.  “Enjoy the show boys and thanks for watching!”

AussieMan is a shy guy fromthelanddownunder. He has a huge collection of underwear and has traded with a few guys around the world (Undiesboy being a regular). He is quite shy on here and in person but does like to wear something hot and comfortable under his work uniform and definitely enjoys wearing something that has a big bulge. Hedoesenjoyjockstraps and stuff with extreme pouches the most. Feel free to send him some love and comment on his posts here on the blog.

Jake currently resides and works in Columbus as a stripper and model. Jake has had a fascination with underwear since his early teens. Jake always gets a pair whenever he travels to a new city. He has a large and ever growing collection of many different styles and brands of underwear. He goes through many pairs between strip show and modeling. You can email Jake here or find him on Facebook or feel free to comment on his posts here on the blog.


Dakota has been an underwear enthusiast since before his teens where he first started discovering cheap bikini underwear in discount stores.  This early underwear discovery only grew as he discovered the Undergear catalog and other hot catalogs offering tons of skimpy undies and thongs.  His underwear obsession quickly turned into a serious fetish for all kinds of underwear and gear: thongs, g-strings, jockstraps, underwear, speedos, spandex, singlets, socks, leather and much more.  Dakota’s favorite two brands to wear (and see on other guys) are Nasty Pig and N2N–he simply can’t seem to stop buying anything and everything that they make!  He also gets to put his fetish to great use in his side job as a stripper.  Why not have some fun running around scantily clad in hot underwear and gear for an eager crowd, right?  Plus, its another excuse to add hot stuff to his collection 😉  You can often find him out and about showing off in his Nasty Pig, N2N, Andrew Christian, and Obviously undies.  Best of all he is lucky to share his extreme gear fetish and part time stripping job with his hottie partner Jake, whom you can also see contributing here on the blog! You can email Dakota here or find him on Facebook or feel free to comment on his posts here on the blog.



Bulgeboy  “Hi Guys my name is BulgeBoy! I’m young (ish), hung and I love underwear.
So I’ll be blogging about and reviewing underwear to fit the larger
men out there. Feel free to ask me any questions on here or on my
twitter :P”




Underthebeltnyc spent a large portion of his teenage years flipping
through the JCPenny and Sears catalogs like most gay guys his age
without an internet connection. But even with all the fascination with
underwear at an early age it still took a few years and a couple
boyfriends to really get him to break out of the boring black briefs and
unflattering boxer briefs that were popular in college. Since then it
has been all about color even if cut and style has stayed mostly in the
realm of boxer briefs and the occasional jockstrap. A move to the great
city of New York has made taking this hobby from the little leagues up
to the majors and his collection is about to explode with new colors,
styles and brands, all reviewed here on



Stephen is the co-founder and owner of, a
spandex/fetish website that specialises in making adult movies with a strong
fetish theme. He and his partner Phil star in the movies which are diverse and
always full of action.Stephen’s interest in underwear goes back
to his early teens. Like most guys, he noticed how speedos made a guys bulge
look so hot. He would skim through clothing catalogues to find the underwear
section and jerk off over the pictures.As he got older he discovered jocks and
loved the way they showed off his bubble butt. Wearing a jock with just leather
boots to a sex club was a life changing experience. He loved showing off and
the feeling of his bulge being on display wrapped in hot underwear.


More recently he discovered thongs which
are a perfect mix of his spandex fetish and love of bulge worship. Still
showing off the ass, thongs have become an essential part of this man’s
outfits. Under spandex tights at the gym or on their own and especially fucking
in them. You can follow him on twitter or feel free to email him.

Pauly C was born and raised in New Jersey. He is an avid underwear enthusiast and owns a vast
collection of styles but classic briefs are his favorites. If he could
live in only his underwear he would. He is also an avid gym rat. He’s been
obssessed with undies his whole life and he’s sharing his love for a great
pair with the world now here on Undies101.


Michell has had a penchant for underwear from a young age. Walking through the men’s wear aisle of a store as a prepubescent boy I found immediate excitement in looking up at packs of underwear showing well defined men in tight briefs and their taut pouches. Literally, instant erection. To this day I cannot purchase and try on a new pack of briefs without getting excited. It happens too when I try on a traded pair of briefs from someone else. My favorite kind of brief is the classic white; Fruit of the Loom and Hanes populate most of my collection, but I am coming around to fancier and flashier briefs of other brands. Also, I dabble in wearing boy’s briefs too!

  1. Colin says:

    I would love to be your UK connection the thought of it is getting to me already haha! however discretion is a must for me. Would you consider an anonymous UK blogger. I.e. no faces in the pictures. Could you please send me some more information
    Just found this site and I love it!
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to hearing from you. Colin

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