It’s thong thursday so I had to have a thong on. I pulled this gold lame thong after opening my drawer. I got it from a hottie bodybuilder who looked much better in it than I do. I can hardly keep myself in it, so I’m not sure how he ever did. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

When I sent some photos to a friend he remarked it looked like a stripper thong…I’m pretty sure my friend had stripped in it, so very accurate description.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Over the top of the thong, I pulled on these blue camo 3/4 long johns. It was a bit warmer here today, so I didn’t quite need the full things, but I did need some extra warmth for Frigid February…these seem to do that trick and look amazing at the same time. They are wicked comfortable to boot! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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