I’ve been absent for a while, and apologies. Sorry boys…I have been traveling so much with work, flew to the UK for a week…flew home for a week of moving and Thanksgiving and then flew back to the UK for another 11 days or so…I’m still catching up!

I was thinking about going back and uploading all the photos from what you’ve missed, but the more I thought about that, the more it became too overwhelming. I wanted to try and catch up, try new things…and just start again. I’ve decided that I am going to give you my week in review and upload everything all at once. I am going to be trying something new in the upcoming weeks and experimenting with my posts and what and when I post…so stay tuned!

Monday the week started with these mesh like soft and comfortable 2xist no show briefs12142015

Tuesday was Junk Under Jeans briefs…with a wicked comfortable fabric, some great stripes and piping and a great easy access pouch.12152015

Wednesday was this amazing striped Bluebuck Jockstrap I picked up on my last trip to London. IMG_0349

The ass straps are a bit thin for my liking, but the jock is overall a great pick! IMG_0350

I forgot that it was Thursday, so I had no thong on and ended up in these really bright striped Bonds trunks.12172015

Made up for no thong Thursday and wore one on Friday…this nautical striped Cocksox thong was the first thong I noticed in the drawer.IMG_0353

Moved recently and I still haven’t found my way around where everything is – so really was a quest for a thong.IMG_0352

Saturday meant a bit of relaxation and a Christmas party with friends, so I wore these really comfy and bulgey Andrew Christian briefs.12192015

Wrapped out the week on Sunday by running some errands and it was a cold day today, so I pulled these 3/4 length long johns on under my jeans to go out and about.IMG_0355

What do you think about them? Do they make my ass look as good as I think they do?IMG_0356

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