There are theme days in every week. Jockstrap Wednesday. Thong Thursday. Show Pants Saturday. Thong Thursday comes but once a week, so I try and make the most of them. This week I am in a patterned Gregg Homme thong. I loved the colour scheme and the pattern on them so I had to buy them.

thongThey are wicked comfortable. So easy to wear and I barely notice that I am wearing them. I know I have a thong on, but I don’t remember that I’m wearing it. The sign of a good thong is that you forget you have it on altogether. If it’s digging into you, or riding up, it’s not the right fit for you. A thong is just like any other piece of underwear…you should know you have underwear on, but it should be so comfortable that you forget about it being there. img_0861

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