FrozenWell, it snowed. It has been quite the frozen February here in NYC. I know this is the second or third time it has snowed this month…thankfully I missed the others. It was supposed to be a snowpocalypse yesterday…but that’s now come and gone. It wasn’t on time, didn’t last as long as they thought and affected far less than it could have. Yet, you wouldn’t know that from the reactions of every day NYC’ers. Maybe I’ve been here too long…but I remember digging out cars for the plow to come and having to use improvised devices to just dig to the trunk of the car to get the shovel out…snow as high as mid car. We have had nothing close to that in recent years…yet the over-reaction from everyone is insane. Anyway…Frozen February or the snowpocalypse that came and went…still cold…so I’m in another pair of long-johns today, but this time a funky pair from an unknown brand I got off ebay.

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