HomFunny how the mind works. I opened the drawer this morning for a thong and this Hom string was near the top in this light blue colour and in black. I went with the blue, obviously. But Hom sounds like Om which is a chant in yoga and meditation and as it’s therapeutic thursdays, it’s kind of fitting and perfect, as is this string by the way. Super easy to wear and comfortable.

I’ve been running a ton lately, and have been upping my game each run. I had forgotten how therapeutic running was for me. I can put my headphones in, and just go. I can pay attention to nature, or my surroundings or I can just kind of let my mind wander off into nothing. I was running yesterday and I solved the mystery book I was only half way through reading. Well, I didn’t solve the whole thing, I just kind of solved a giant piece of it, but still. Mind open, thoughts come and running is therapy. At least for me it is.

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