sampleWhatever you call them, I actually like having some undies that nobody else might have. Whenever I visit LA, I make a pilgrimage to the Andrew Christian store in WeHo. I used to go to his store in Glendale, but that’s not around anymore. Anyway, when his stuff was made in LA there used to be a huge section of sample undies or test runs. Undies they made in all 4 sizes to see what they were like but might never see the light of day. Some designs made the cut, but never made it to market in the fabric or colours the samples were made in. Some didn’t. Anyway, it used to be a great bargain and I’d end up with undies that nobody else would have, and that’s something I love.

I don’t actually remember if these were from the samples section anymore or not, but I feel like the cut is fuller than I know from Andrew Christian, and they don’t have that signature pouch for comfort. There’s a pouch there, and I’m not crushed, but it is not as pronounced as his standard. They’re with a working fly and I loved the purple with the light blue contrast piping. I don’t even know if the sample section is still there. They don’t make their products in LA anymore, but it would be unfortunate if that section was gone…it’s like owning an Andrew Christian original.

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