pitfallsIt’s #healthyhumpday here at Undies101, which coincides nicely with #jockstrapwednesday. We try. Anyway, on my quest for better health, I have had successes and I have hit stumbling blocks and pitfalls. I have tried not to make excuses and just get on with it – very British that is. Every once in a while though I’m left wondering, have I made the right decisions? When that hits, I try not to dwell on it. I decide, have I or not and then assess what I could do differently the next time if I haven’t. The pitfalls are all around you in life, and if you’re careful, you’ll fall into the trap. So I try and avoid them and just do better. I feel healthier overall, and the love handles are almost gone – hoorah, but my weight is still fluctuating, which means, a better handle on all things food. That’s a pitfall right there!

I’m in this purple/lavender Air Jock from Andrew Christian today. It is rather interesting, as the ass straps are attached only to the pouch and not the waistband at all. It makes for an odd feeling as you’re putting it on because not everything is being pulled up at the same time, since the waistband isn’t attached all the way round. Very comfortable though and with all the stuff I have to do today, I’ll be glad I have it on.

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