The Basics


Instagram: i_like_concrete

How Old Are You?


How do you identify?


Single, Dating, or Married?

In an open relationship.

How big is your endowment/Cut or Uncut?

7″ Uncut

Advance Questions

What was it that got you into underwear?

Materials, textures, but also the cut and shape, love anything which elongates my legs. Hence the tendency towards high cut thongs!

What style of underwear do you usually wear and why?

Thongs and briefs, makes everything below the waist look better. Feel sexy, although I am criminal when it comes to trimming my pubes, they always spray out of the sides. 

What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch?

Boxers and boxer briefs. Perfectly practical but not very imaginative. I used to love looking at underwear in the catalogues, high cut sloggi tangas, jockey briefs, his was before we had the internet!

What is your favorite style to wear and why?

Thongs, easily. People think they are uncomfortable, or will chafe, but no, the material is what matters and a delicate manmade fibre will sit comfortably in your crack no problem. 

What style underwear do you feel sexiest in?

Thongs, again (bit of a theme here)

Why do you like showing off in your underwear?

I do photography but mostly I just like posing in them.

How big is your collection?

Not as big as I would like, but I need to balance need with desire!

Is there a style of underwear you absolutely won’t wear?

I’ll never say never, but I’ve never found a jockstrap I look good in yet, the shape and cut rarely inspire me. Maybe I just don’t have the ass for them.

Thank you so much to i_like_concrete  be a GuestBulge and for anyone interested be sure to comment down below 🙂

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