So, apologies all around. I had meant to post over the weekend, and then got so sidetracked and behind I didn’t get a chance and then flew overnight on Sunday. Monday was a day full of travel and, really more than anything else, jet lag. Jet lag is wreaking havoc with my body. I’ve slept all night long, solidly, and been up for breakfast and could easily take a nap again for a bit. Trying to avoid that by getting some blog stuff done.

So, here’s my catch up for the last few days. Saturday was this pair of white Cocksox briefs…I needed something white for under the very light weight fabric of the shorts I was wearing. Any colour would have been seen and obvious.

Sunday I wore this pair of  Modus Vivendi bikinis under my jeans for my flight. As it was an overnight flight, I did slip into a pair of comfy sleep pants and a tshirt for the majority of the flight, but still…these proved to be a very comfortable option for underneath…although, I will say that, like the other MV undies I wore last week, while they have a pouch, they do tend to crush you.

Monday, after a shower in the lounge whilst laying-over for my next flight, I slipped into these blue Andrew Christian taggless fly briefs with an Almost Naked pouch. These were amazing to wear all day, and held me in quite good stead, even in my tired state all day long.

jet lagI fell asleep almost as soon as I hit the bed last night, don’t think I was awake long enough to turn the TV on. Woke up this morning to the alarm and turned it off and slept again for another two hours. I finally got up for a shower and then breakfast and I’m still tired. But, I am in these nice striped Andrew Christian briefs today…Almost Naked pouch and the stripes make them fun!

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