Hi guys! We’ve got a treat for you today! We’ve got a great guest bulge from Atlas.Boy! We follow him on Instagram and now Tumblr (links below) and we asked him if he’d be interested in becoming a guest bulge and he said yes! So we sent him the standard guest bulge questions, and here’s how he answered and the sexy pics he sent along for us to enjoy!

The basics:
Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram handles (or any other social media site you’d like a link to):

How old are you?
25 (and almost a half) years old!atlas.boy

How do you identify – gay, bi, straight?
I identify as gay. Out to everyone.

Single, dating, married?
Dating for 4 years – praying for that ring haha.

How big is your endowment – cut or uncut?
Uncut and happy about it.

More advanced questions:
What got you into underwear?
I have always found underwear to be extremely sexy on men. I’ve never been fond of the big bulky underwear, such as boxers and boxer briefs, on guys. I find them to be extremely unflattering and most guys tend to just get lost in the fabric. However, thongs, jocks, and briefs are where it’s at. They accentuate the male body and definitely show off what’s what.

What style of underwear do you usually wear and why?
I exclusively wear thongs. I personally love thongs because I find them very comfortable, supportive, and most importantly – sexy as heck!

What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch (if you have)?
I grew up wearing boxer briefs and briefs, but primarily briefs. I switched only because of a curious mind. I decided to order a few cheap thongs online and see what happened. Next thing you knew, I was practically throwing my credit card around. Like I said above, they’re comfortable, supportive, and sexy.

What is your favourite style to wear and why?
I am obsessed with Joe Snyder. Their JS03 thong is to die for. I have that same thong in 17 different colours and patterns. The way it fits on me is nearly impossible to find in another brand and that’s why I’ve stuck with it!

What style underwear do you feel sexiest in?
100% thongs. No doubt.

Why do you like showing off in your underwear?
I find it very erotic. And it definitely boosts my confidence level. It sounds lame, but I like the feedback!

How big is your underwear collection?
It consists of only thongs and it ranges around 75. I’d have to count to make sure the exact number, but it’s around that number for sure!

Is there a style of underwear you absolutely won’t wear? (panties, thongs, boxers, etc.)
Boxers. Yuuuuck!

Want to see more of this stud? Let us know what you think in the comments section or on any of our social media. Maybe we’ll get him to come back and appear again!

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