poll resultsHi guys! We’ve spent the last month asking you a question about buying and trading underwear, and the poll results are in! We asked you: “Have you traded underwear before, or bought it (used) from someone?”

We gave you the following options as answers:

Traded Clean Pair

Traded Used Pair

Bought Clean Pair

Bought Used Pair

Traded and Bought Clean

Traded and Bought Used

No, but I’ve thought about it

I’d like to with some of the bloggers here

As we let you chose multiple answers, the results are different than the 35 individual people that answered the poll. Here’s the breakdown.

7 of you have traded a clean pair,  while 6 of you have traded a used pair. 3 of you bought a clean pair while 4 bought a used pair. 2 have traded and bought clean ones and 7 have traded and bought used ones. 9 of you have thought about it and a whopping 10 of you would like to with some of the bloggers here!

Well, the good news on that front is here at Undies101 you might now have the chance. We’ve started a For Sale or Trade Section and a few of us have already posted. Here’s your chance. If you’d like to own a piece of one of the bloggers, check it out!

Today I’ve been wearing this blue and light blue Tulio Jockstrap with a generous pouch. It has been amazingly comfortable and easy to wear under my jeans all day and I’ve had a great day in it!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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