This week and next we have reviews coming to you from Bear Skn, when i get a email from undiesboy about these i jumped to their site so i could see what they are all about i had never heard of them before. i go to the site and have to say I’m so happy to see the site it’d full of you not so average guys! no six packs not that i hate n them i just don’t have one i got love handles a few extra pounds and its so awesome to see beefy guys and not giving a fuck! so right of the bat I’m smiling, they have kick ass selection. hit the link and go take a look.

i am given for review Bamboo Brief in Greenery stripe size Medium. when i opened them up the first thing i noticed is the feel they are amazingly soft, made from rayon from bamboo no clue how they make bamboo so soft but ill leave it them to do that. they come in a variety of colors and other striped colors too. they have this mesh area in the gooch area which at first i was like wtf is this, but ill get into that in a few. they are tag less which is great i hate tags and i feel like my go to company has been putting tags in them again not so happy.. but these are tag less so smiles again.

these are fucking awesome and i have to say i am thoroughly impressed by them for a company i never heard of before. the waist band not binding or roll over which can tend to happen with wider bands but this was not a problem. the leg opening were and are perfect they didn’t ride or move and they didn’t chafe either, there binding is perfect cause its moveable and not one inch of stitching is tight. awesome butt coverage no wedgies ever in them and i was up and down and allover int these at work, perfect under the shorts i was wearing. now to the mesh and i have to saw this is ingenious i would have never thought of this and i give this credit and it was smart as hell it starts just below your balls and stops just before your rectum i say that cause i have no clue how people will feel about calling it other things lol. it gives you venting in your gooch or grundle or whatever that space you may call it but for me its the spot i find i tent to sweat in and these made it awesome i didn’t have that ball sweat cause it was mesh, i had breakable space so i didn’t end up with swamp balls or ass!! its a plus in my eyes and smart love it! as far as the pouch i was disappointed by it I’m no huge hung dude but i felt tight in them, if you get a boner its smashed, so for bigger guys your gonna be packed and for the beefy guys i feel like you have no place to go, so my only flaw is a more contoured pouch.

i rate these as a match made in heaven and i suggest you go to the site and get your self a pair and them post them they love fan reviews and post!!

till next time hope you all enjoyed!


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