Alright guys, I’m super excited to introduce you to BearSkn underwear. Finally, a men’s underwear brand geared towards the average, or bear, type of guy…like me!. I had heard about BearSkn for a little while now, so when I had the opportunity to try them out, I jumped at the chance. BearSkn offers a great selection of colors in briefs and boxer briefs, that are sure to get you hooked, the models aren’t too hard on the eyes either…WOOF!. I am proud to share my review of this product that is way more than just a smart marketing ploy, there is some major substance behind the brand.

I had the opportunity to try the River Blue Striped Boxer Brief, in a size M. BearSkn offers the best size range of underwear that I have ever seen. They range from Small to 6XL…this underwear truly is for everyone…good job BearSkn! And the price? 2 pair for $39.95/

2 Pack – Bamboo Boxer Briefs – River Blue Stripe

So, the first thing I noticed about these undies, was the fabric. When I pulled them out of the package, I actually went “Ooooooo”. With 95% bamboo, and 5% elastin, this underwear gives you 100% comfort. Plus the fact that bamboo is a sustainable product, that gets a big A+ from me too. The second thing I noticed was the unique, mesh panel, cleverly placed right where your boys lay…now I was intrigued.

As a guy who works on his feet all day, and yes, I do sweat a lot…this clever little panel was gonna be a good test for me.

So, my day began, and I put on my new BearSkn underwear. Now I dunno if I believe in love at first sight, but this was damn close. The feeling of this underwear on your body is FANTASTIC. That soft bamboo fabric feels great. The next thing I noticed was that the elastic around the legs were not too tight, which is great. It almost felt like you weren’t wearing any underwear at all really, because the fabric was so light. The front pouch area is classic in style. Due to the fabric of this underwear, the pouch was definitely comfortable, but I will say, I kinda miss a contoured pouch, maybe because it’s just what I’m used to in other underwear. But this was not a big deal for me in the long run. Now I run around on my feet all day at work, and one thing I’m sure we are all too familiar with is underwear stretching out, riding up etc. BearSkn…you get an A+ from me here. The underwear kept their shape all day long! no lies, and the leg elastic did not ride up at all. I have bought more pricier underwear that say they prevent riding up etc, and BearSkn did it at a fraction of the price.┬áNow remember that little mesh panel I mentioned…it works, and it works well. I do sweat, and my boys stayed cool and dry all day. I loved it. Even better, I didn’t have any uncomfortable chaffing by days end.

So, as far as an Undies101 grade for BearSkn. I have to say- Match Made in Heaven. Yes I do miss having a pouch in these, but all the other benefits out weigh that by far. BearSkn is great from beginning to end. Ridiculously comfortable, with great innovations, and at a great price. I say go and try the new guys on the block, you won’t regret it…I’m placing my next order NOW! And BearSkn, if you need a new model, I’m available haha.

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