Hey Underwear enthusiasts. I’m back with something today for all the party boys out there. Speakeasy Briefs is an underwear brand that launched via kickstarter.com…and I understand why people have reacted so positively.


This underwear is not just comfortable, but they are utilitarian as well. Ever go to a concert, festival, club etc and wanted to save a bit of $$$ on insane drink prices? Or maybe you dont have room in ur wallet for those condoms that come in handy when you least expect it? Speakeasy has you covered. This underwear has a zipper pocket right in the critch so you can keep, and conceal your items.  But lets start with the fit.

I wore a size M in black…and the fit was perfect…so their size chart is right on point. The boxer brief style is currently the only style available with Speakeasy right now, so the majority of men will enjoy the fit. They are available in 3 colors, black, green, and turquoise, and are made of a Modal, Cotton, Spandex blend…which makes them super soft and stretchy…and I wore them all day with no complaints whatsoever…great material blend guys!

Now for the part that really sells this underwear…the pocket. With a simple zipper pocket, right in the crotch, you can keep your flask, condoms, gum lol…whatever you want. Speakeasy offers a flask on their site that fits their pocket perfectly…and will probably be my next purchase

Stainless Steel 6 oz Flask

So obviously this underwear would make a ¬†great gift idea for Dads, brothers, sons, and bachelor party gifts as well. Plus, not only will they use them for novelty pirposes, but the fact that they’re comfortable for everyday wear makes them practicle too.

So in conclusion…i will definitely incorporate my new Speakeasy underwear into my rotation…and they will probably be the first thing I grab when heading for a night out, or going on a vacation. Definitely grab yourself a pair, the price is great, and they have combo prices as well. Feel good about your purchase knowing that you are supporting a new, and up in coming brand. Enjoy guys, GET THE FLASK!


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