but when the do finally arrive, they disappear so quickly. Fridays. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. I can’t say that I’m one of those people that countdown the week until Friday finally arrives, but for some reason, this week I was. I think because I flew home on a Monday, it threw my week and my equilibrium off. Not really sure, but it’s my best guess. Kind of threw my week off when it “started” with a lazy flight day, and laundry to get ready…then bam! Hit the ground running on Tuesday and the week was off! fridays

I’m in these light blue Andrew Christian briefs today. They are very old school, and I don’t even know what line they are from anymore…I think the Nano line, but I can’t be positive. I know they are really soft and easy to wear. I know that their pouch is no frills, you just sit in it and it’s all you being shown off. I know I really enjoy wearing them! Hope that you are all liking our posts and contributions to #jocktober this month! We’ve got some great reviews coming up in the next few weeks, and fingers crossed, more on the way after that!

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