Hi guys! We’ve got a treat for you…one I was supposed to get up over the weekend, with apologies. We’ve got @underweargasm making his guest bulge debut with us. This sexy Belgian follows us on the twitter and we asked him if he’d like to be a guest bulge and he agreed! We posed the standard guest bulge questions to him and here are his answers!

The basics:
Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram handles (or any other social media site you’d like a link to)
How old are you?
Where in the World are you?
How do you identify – gay, bi, straight?
Bi (75% gay – 25% straight)
Single, dating, married?
How big is your endowment – cut or uncut?
18.5 cm – cut
More advanced questions:

What got you into underwear?

I don’t really remember, it happened 😉 
What style of underwear do you usually wear and why?
I have no special style I usually wear, I try to wear a different style daily.

What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch (if you have)?
Briefs, when I was 16 I bought my first boxerbriefs / trunks. When I was 18 I bought my first jockstrap. I switched because the boxerbriefs where more colorful and special than my striped briefs my mother bought me.

What is your favourite style to wear and why?

Tanga briefs, as comfortable as a jockstrap (not much fabric, but support), but not as revealing at the back.


What style underwear do you feel sexiest in?
Tanga briefs / bikini briefs
Why do you like showing off in your underwear?
I’m not really shy, but I just like to have something to hide my big boy. That’s why I don’t sleep naked.
How big is your underwear collection?
I need to count my collection again, I don’t know exactly how many pairs I got.  But it’s all stocked in 4 big drawers (and one ‘archive’ drawer – where I save my undies I don’t wear any more).
Is there a style of underwear you absolutely won’t wear? (panties, thongs, boxers, etc.)
No, I wear thongs, jockstraps, bikini briefs, tanga briefs, briefs, trunks, boxerbriefs, boxers, long johns, bodysuits.@underweargasm
So…let us know what you think of @underweargasm and his guest bulge, or anything about the blog. Follow us on social media, leave us a comment here on the blog…let us know your thoughts! Huge thanks to @underweargasm…make sure you head on over to twitter and give him a follow – link above!

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