Hey hey guy’s. It’s time to put a little fun back into your underwear. Today I bring you underwear by Tiny Cock.


Tiny Cock calls itself novelty underwear, but top quality at the same time. Obviously the name of the brand is awesome, and grabs your attention. Their catch phrase is “are you being honest? Or ironic?. I love it. Right now Tiny Cock has 2 styles of underwear to choose from, a trunk, and a brief. They are available in 4 colors, white, black, grey, and red. I got myself one of each.


First off…I love the briefs…big time. To me, the rise and style of the brief is perfect. The rise isn’t too high, and not too low that it lets everything show. The material itself feels like really good quality. It’s a bit thicker, and sturdier feeling I guess…but super comfy. The front contours nicely around ur junk, and I found that they were suowr comfy, not too tight and not loose and saggy. The underwear also has a cool metalli waistband which looks great, and their cock logo on the back. Here’s the trunk style.


The trunks are classic in styling. Like the briefs, I found the fit to be just right. The leg elastics weren’t too tight either which is always good. After wearing both pairs a couple times, I gotta say that for the simple styling of these pairs of underwear, they held up really well. I think my favorite thing about them is the material. They definitely have a high quality feel about them, and to me that’s a big selling point. I’m a sucker for a good laugh, so having a waistband with the Tiny Cock name and logo is great. These underwear would be perfect for gifts, stag parties, anyone really. I think this brand has alot of opportunity to expand their brand, with new styles, colors, etc. The fit and quality is there, so Im looking forward to what they will bring in the future. So check Tiny Cock out, get yourself something different and have a laugh…or speak the truth, who cares. Cheers guys.


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