So, it’s the weekend and a straight friend that enjoys undies was traveling abroad and texting me about what he’d brought with him, and that he’d be alone and wanting to enjoy himself. This friend would like to wear briefs more often than he does, and he enjoys wearing panties – his own or one’s he’s “borrowed” from his wife. He had taken a few pair of hers on the trip and I told him to wear a pair for me…and he made a request of his own, for me.

On Saturday I was not feeling well, had a huge headache that didn’t stop with aspirin or cardio…so I didn’t do too much…which ended up being fine. My other half had plans, and I didn’t feel guilty about not being up for much more than lounging around. So, win win. Wore this pair of bright blue Tommy John briefs with a vertical fly and a condom pocket all day…super comfy and easy to wear but a bit too much fabric for me, if I’m honest. request

Anyway…I had requested that my friend wear a pair of black lace panties on Sunday and he complied and sent me hot pics in them…but he had his own request for me…that I also wear panties. So…not one to turn down the request of a friend/fan, I pulled on this pair of blue and black striped VS boy short panties for the day. Didn’t do too much…gym for some cardio…manicure so I could get ready for my trip, etc.

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