Hey guy’s. Im SUPER EXCITED to talk to you about the John Sievers underwear line. This line of underwear is available exclusively at International Jock.


John Sievers is a fantastic fit of underwear. They have developed their Natural Pouch Underwear to give you comfort, style, and a great bulge. The underwear is made of a rediculously soft and comfortable Modal blend. Modal is not only great to wear, but its an environmentally friendly fabric as well.

But the selling feature, and the best part of the underwear is the pouch. John Sievers has a deep, and well contoured pouch to fit your junk like a dream. I honestly haven’t been this excited and happy with a brand of underwear for a long time…and I have alot of underwear. They have Boxers, Trunks, Briefs, and one of the largest color ranges I have ever seen…literally ever color under the sun.

So the fit on the pouch is great. You basically fall into the pouch, feeling supported around your package, and you have enough room to be cozy all day long. It’s so lightweight too that you pretty mich forget you’re wearing underwear at all. Modal is one of my favorite fabrics for underwear because of the silky feeling. If you haven’t tried Modal…do it fast.

The other thing that any of you guys out there are gonna love about John Sievers underwear, is the way your package will look. It totally get accentuated and put out there, making it look bigger and better haha. I think my only complaint that I had was that I have a bit of a fatter butt, and I got a bit of wedge action a couple times, but I think it’s my body haha. I’ve had it happen with lots of other brands.

So…I don’t know what else I can say about this underwear…I don’t think LOVE is a strong enough word…they are just awesome on every level. Great design, comfort, stylish cuts, huge color pallet. If you guys want to try some of the best underwear out there, this is high up on the list…all I can say is GET THEM!.

Later guys, Enjoy!


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