Happy New Years undie lovers. Here is something new to start off your year in a luxurious way….this is Doreanse underwear. Doreanse is a luxury underwear brand from Turkey that is making a big reputation for itself around the world. Their claim is to sell luxury modal underwear at cotton prices. If you are not familiar with Modal, you better get to know it because its FANTASTIC. Modal is soft and body comforming, it is lightweat and cool, plus its an environmentally friendly fabric. Its a win win all around. I got 3 styles of underwear from their big catalog…take a look.

First up is the Adonis Boxer Brief. Product code-1770

This boxer brief has a pouch design exclusive to Doreanse. The pouch keeps your balls away from your body, which has many benefits. It eliminates your boys sticking to your leg, keeps your balls cooler and more comfortable. Holy cow do these boxer briefs feel great. They are so smooth. Its literally a pleasure to wear them. The ultra light modal feels so nice on your skin. I really likes the fact that i stayed fairly cool down there all day, and no adjusting was needed thanks to the pouch….A+.

Next up is a Tanga Brief. Product code-1331

I LOVE a tanga brief. I love the way they look, sexy, but masculine, not too “g-string” like. The Doreanse tanga is my mew favorite go-to pair. Again, the fabric is EVERYTHING, and it feels so great. I love the embellished waistband on these too…i think it looks great. I found that the waistband didn’t do that annoying thing where is fold over if you have a bit of a tummy like that was nice. I also really like that the rise on all the underwear I got wasn’t too low. I hate underwear that barely covers ur junk, and you don’t want it up around your belly button either. Great styling.

Finally, I got a classic white brief. Product code-1323

Who doesn’t enjoy a classic white brief. I feel like these were a bit on the bigger side, for me, so I apologize for the pics as they look a bit baggy…i will probably shrink them up a bit and they will be good to go. But anyway, these are another winner. Like the others, the fabric makes you feel like your boys are tucked away, cozy and safe haha. One thing I really liked about these briefs was that the leg elastic was comfortable. I didn’t get any uncomfortable “digging in” feeling throughout the day. Im pretty sure i forgot I was wearing underwear honestly…they are that comfortable. Please do make sure yoy review the size charts, and contact Doreanse if you have any questions…they were super helpful.

So, if you want some SUPER COMFORTABLE new underwear, give Doreanse a try. The luxurious fabric and classic styling will definitely make them a new favorite for anyone who tries them.  Have a great start to the year guys!

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