now if we could only get him on for a guest bulge! I’d love that! So, I am giving you all a treat today…two views of the same pair of undies! I picked up these sexy, silky and broken in EA briefs in bright blue recently from @citylad78. He’s also a huge underwear lover and I keep trying to convince him to appear as a guest bulge (hint – comment!!). two views

Anyway…he was kind enough to send along a pic of him in these and another pair I got from him at the same time, so that I could give you a shot of him in them and a shot of me! Two views in one blog post, same undies! These are super soft…silky feeling. Broken in and comfortable. I guess I wasn’t expecting the fabric…they almost look cotton in the pic he sent, so I wasn’t expecting them to feel oh so good on!

I know alot of you aren’t fans of getting undies from someone else…alot of you are though. For me, if it is the right person, I really enjoy it. Knowing that the undies have been on someone else and broken in before they get to me…now that’s hot! Hope you like your two views today and help me convince @citylad78 to appear as a guest bulge!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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