It is Wednesday, which means it’s #healthyhumpday here on the blog and #jockstrapWednesday everywhere else in the social media world. I’ve decided that today I want to be a lifeguard in this old school red Andrew Christian jockstrap. It’s before the time he was “the” brand for the gays old school. No pouch, but a very generous pouch area that is defined. I do really enjoy the waistband and straps on this jock they are very comfortable. lifeguard

I’ve also been a rock star with my working out lately. I have done something in the gym every day since the beginning of the year. I’ve started lifting again, every other day. My cardio has been reduced on some days, I feel like I was doing too much cardio, and I am walking as often as I can, when I can and it’s not absolutely frigid out.

I’ve been sporting these dark grey Andrew Christian Vibe tights to the gym the last few days, some-days with shorts over them, and some-days not, as they are quite bulgy. I wear the shorts down and if I’m the only there (it’s the apt building gym) I just strip the shorts off and work out in my tights and t shirt. These are wicked comfortable and very easy to wear in general. I think I own two pairs of these, or there are two different versions of these Vibe tights…will have to do some more investigating in my stash to find out.

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

  1. Paul says:

    WOW! That Andrew Christian Lifeguard jock is very sexy and very much appealing !
    The Vibe tights are great looking also. Looks good enough to use at the gym alone or with T shirt anytime. They look GREAT on you and show your bulge very nicely.

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