Hey guy’s…I got a fun, new pair of briefs from Baskit. Meet the X-Brief.


These bad-boys rock!. Im a huge fan of briefs, and it doesn’t take much to make a pair of briefs unwearable. The X-Brief has everyhing I love in the right fitting pair of briefs.

First off, the Micro-Modal and Elastane fabric are rediculously soft, and stretchy. This fabric combination creates a complete body hugging feeling, which I love. Even more important, the briefs keep their shape while wearing them throughout the day…no more saggy, baggy briefs at the end of the day.

Now the fit. I’ve got a bit of a wider butt, and so many of these briefs in this soft material tend to….well…ride up into area’s that they don’t belong….these are briefs, not a thong. The X-Brief has the BEST butt coverage…I love it. I get a complete body hugging fit, that feels like its cupping my back-side…and there is no shifting throughout the day.

Finally…the X-Factor. As you can see, there is a criss-cross effect on the front of the briefs. This does a couple things I noticed. First, it gives your boys a little push forward, making them stand out a bit. You get a nice feeling from this for sure. The X also draws attention to your package when you’re wearing them, I think your partner will enjoy the look maybe more than you.

Overall, Baskit is known for making some awesome styles of underwear. The X-Brief hits all the major marks for me. It definetly shows that making small adjustments to a classic style can make a HUGE difference. If you haven’t tried Baskit before, now is the time. Until next time, have a good one guy’s.

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